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Need cheap cars for few days or for a long period?

You spend your  holiday nearby and it would be good to have a car?

Would you like to transport something but do not own a commercial vehicle?

Is it too expensive to maintain a car for your company?

Have a look at our car park and choose our service !

Well-equipped cars and commercial vehicles are available on fair and reasonable prices.

Our primary aim is to fulfill your requirement on high standard therefore we always give our cars clean and in good conditions.

GPS navigation system as an additional accessory is also possible to hire.

If you want to rent a car in Miskolc, our company is the best choice for you.

Browse our reasonable pricelist !

GPS: N 48 03.724, E 20 47.310


General Terms


These terms between you and the rental vehicle provider (hereinafter:Autókölcsönző Miskolc) is applied to  rental agreements for determined rental periods.

I. Rental fee and security deposit

  1. The rental fee – according to current rental fees - and the security deposit is always paid in advance in cash or with the Autókölcsönző Miskolc’s special permission by transferring.
  2. The cost of deposit is maximum 100.000, HUF that is one hundred thousand HUF.
  3. Autókölcsönző Miskolc does not refund any unused days if the customer returns the vehicle earlier than agreed in the contract.
  4. The current rental fee entitles you to take maximum 150 km a day in Hungary, any additional kms will be surcharged 40HUF/km.
  5. The amount of the 40 HUF/km surcharge is determine by signatories with reading the milometer at the time of returning the car.

II. Territorial scope


  1. Travel outside Hungary is forbidden.

III. Use of the car


  1. Renter becomes the temporary registered keeper during the rental period determined in the contract until returning the car.
  2. The rented car is used exclusively by the person named in the agreement otherwise Autókölcsönző Miskolc is not liable for refunding the deposit.
  3. Renter is obliged to use the rented car with all its accessories, its documents, registered certificate and car keys with due diligence.
  4. Cars are always returned clean.
  5. Cars should be returned clean at the time of expired date agreed in contract. In case the  condition of returning car is different from  the original state the surcharge for cleaning is 3000HUF- that is three thousands HUF.
  6. Cars can exclusively be used properly during rental. Especially prohibited to use rented cars for bussinesslike passenger transport, car racing or preparing for racing.
  7. During rental any special happening to car (failure, accident) renter is obliged to inform Autókölcsönző Miskolc under any circumstances on the following phonenumber: +36303744501. In case the renter have charges incurred e.g.:service, repair and wants to prove, Autókölcsönző Miskolc only refunds the charge if one of the representatives of Autókölcsönző Miskolc makes a contribution in written in advance.
  8. Minimum driver age is 21 and drivers must present a valid drivers license held for a minimum of 1 years.
  9. As long as the renter is legal entitiy or economic entity without legal entity, renter needs to have copy of the register not older than three months, specimen signature and stamp.


IV. Damage Liability


  1. Renter notice that take full financial resposibility for any vehicle damage if the insurance company do not refund or only partly refund due to renter’s actionable conduct. In case of  theft the renter is fully responsible for the value of the car and is obliged to pay as long as the renter cannot hand over the registered certificate and keys to one of the representatives of Autókölcsönző Miskolc.
  2. Renter is obliged to refund the charges of damages arising wiht replacement car’s documents or any other accessories to Autókölcsönző Miskolc.
  3. During rental renter is obliged to ask police action and start police procedure in case of collision with injury to person, theft or breaking in and also obliged to place on record by police and hand it over to Autókölcsönző Miskolc as soon as possible. In case of accident renter is obliged to fill in accident or damage report documents, formats and hand over these documents together with the copy of documents of tort and aggrieved party to Autókölcsönző Miskolc. As long as the renter defaults as written above the renter is obliged to fully indemnify Autókölcsönző Miskolc.
  4. Renter notices in case the renter do not return the car at the expired date agreed in contract or six hours later Autókölcsönző Miskolc will report it to the police.


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